Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Catering

Whether you are planning a corporate event or feeding a core team after a long meeting, one of the most important decisions you have to make is what type of food to order. Luckily, with corporate catering, you have many options. What is corporate catering? Corporate catering is typically provided by businesses or organizations for their employees, clients, or customers and can be used for a variety of occasions, such as business meetings, conferences, or other events.

A Few Reasons To Choose A Mobile Catering Service

Whether you are throwing a small child's birthday party or a lavish work affair, there are several steps to planning an event, no matter what the size. Instead of trying to cook all that food yourself or work with a traditional caterer who prepares the meals off-site, consider a mobile catering service. Here are a few of the many benefits of working with a mobile catering service for your next event.

Streamlining Meal Service At Your Diner: Helpful Tools To Consider

Serving all your customers quickly is essential for a diner, but you don't want to cut corners by purchasing pre-made products, such as hamburger patties. Instead of doing all the prep by hand, consider investing in some essential equipment to take the hassle out of food prep in your busy diner. Here are just some of the many tools you can choose to make life for your kitchen staff easier. 

Outsourcing Corporate Events To Professional Caterers

Most employees look forward to end-year parties where they get a treat from their employers. It serves as a celebratory and team-building event, with the potential of boosting employees' motivation and job commitment. Thus, companies aim to organize memorable corporate events to usher in either the next calendar or financial year. Planning an end-year corporate event requires a lot of planning, which may be a hassle because the human resource department is still required to fulfill its functions.

Two Easy Snacks To Make In Your Solar Food Dryer

A solar food dryer is one of the best things you can buy if you're someone who likes making your own snacks. These units capture and concentrate the sun's heat in order to dehydrate various foods in the fresh, outdoor air. They don't require any electricity or gas to function, which makes them very earth-friendly. Once you have a solar food dryer set up, though, what should you make first? Here are two beginner snack "